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Course 5

Augmentation Procedures part V:

Advanced training program on bone grafting and soft tissue management with hands-on training on human cadavers.


  • Prof. Dr. Fouad Khoury
  • Dr. Pierre Keller
  • Dr. Charles Khoury
  • und Mitarbeiter


  • 25/26/27.04.2013 (french)
  • 26/27/28.09.2013 (english)
  • First day: 09.00 am to 06.00 pm
  • Second day: 08.30 am to 03.00 pm
  • Place: Privatzahnklinik Schloss Schellenstein, Olsberg
  • Third day: 09.00 am to 02.30 pm
  • Place: Institute of Anatomy at the University of Münster

It is an exceptional course for a very limited number of participants. The course begins on Thursday 24th April in Olsberg with several live surgeries on patients and will finish on Friday afternoon at 03.00 PM. The Hand’s on training on cadaver ist starting on Saturday morning at 09.00 AM at the Institute oft Anatomy of the University of Münster. The Cadavers are prepared with an exceptional and unique method called “Thiel fixation”. This method leaves to the soft tissue enough elasticity to perform in a realistic way the various techniques of soft tissue management and bone grafting.


  1. Live surgery
  2. Advanced soft tissue surgery, pediculated palatal flap,…
  3. New techniques of bone grafting to improve the prognosis
  4. 3D bone reconstraction and tunnel technique
  5. Sinus floor elevation and nerve lateralisation
  6. Complications

The program of the Hand’s on training on Cadavers also includes the following interventions:

  1. Tooth extraction and immediate implantation
  2. Covering the alveoli with free or pediculated connective tissue graft. Kazanjian vestibulumplastic
  3. Retromolar and chin bone harvesting with the MicroSaw
  4. Sinus floor elevation, nerve lateralisation
  5. Bone splitting and bone spreading
  6. Lateral and vertical 3D bone grafting procedures and tunnel technique
  • Cours fee:
    € 2.500,- + 19% VAT

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